China wholesaler 1.5 Kw AC Industrial Small Servo Motor for CNC Machine with Best Price high quality

Solution Description

one.5 kw AC Industrial Modest Servo Motor for CNC Equipment with Best Cost


Motor body (mm): 60, 80, one hundred ten, a hundred thirty

Rated pace (rpm): 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000

Electricity off brake: optional

Insulation level: F

Installation: flange-mounted

Environmental temperature: to 55 degrees

Rated torque (Nm): .33 to 17.8

Optimum pace (rpm): 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000

Rated electrical power (Kw): .1 to

Variety of pole pairs: 5

Safety degree: sealed, self-cooling IP65

Operation voltage of matched amplifier (VAC): 220

Environmental humidity: reduce than ninety% (condensation free)

Naming conference of collection LDD energy servo motor

(1) Motor body No.

(2) AC long lasting CZPT synchronization servo motor

(3) Opinions comp1nt variety

(4) Rated torque: 3-digit amount × .1Nm

(5) Rated velocity: 2-digit quantity × 100rpm

(6) Highest speed: 2-digit variety × 100rpm

(7) Procedure voltage of matched amplifier: 220

(8) Encoder code

(9) Medium inertia

(ten) The maximum pace attribute

(eleven) Electrical power-off brake is mounted

(twelve) Keyway code if there is no crucial, there is no code

An AC motor is a typical type of electrical motor that is pushed by alternating present. As the most efficient functional motors for every day industrial applications (as properly as hobbyist tasks, house items, and all other professional tools and consumer items), AC motors provide a fairly efficient strategy of generating mechanical strength from a easy electrical enter signal.
Two sorts of AC motors incorporate: Synchronous: The simple fact that a synchronous motor rotates at the identical charge as the frequency of the mains present provides the motor its title. A synchronous motor is composed of a stator and a rotor. Synchronous motors have a extensive assortment of applications. Induction: Induction motors are the most basic and strongest motors available. These AC motors consist of two electrical parts: a wound stator and rotor assembly. The recent needed to turn the rotor is produced by the electromagnetic induction produced by the stator windings. Induction motors are 1 of the most frequently utilized types of motors in the world.

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