China Standard High Torque Hybrid 2 Phase Stepper Motor Electric Motor DC Motor NEMA 1.7″ for CNC Machine OEM

Product Description

Solution Description

Stepper Motor Description

This bipolar Nema 1.7″ 42 mm square stepper motor is configured with action angle 1.8° with a size of 42 mm x forty two mm x 29.7 mm. It has 4 wires for bipolar connection and each and every stage attracts recent .80 A at 2.72 V, with bipolar keeping torque 15.00 [Ncm] min.

Thanks to their accurate and clean movements the Ever Elettronica hybrid stepper motors are created to perform in the textile and printing industries and ideal for digicam control and 3D printers.

Item Parameters

Motor Specialized Specification


NEMA 1.7″ – 42 mm square

Bipolar holding torque

fifteen.00 [Ncm] min.

Stage angle

1.8 [°] ± 5 [%]

Rated voltage

2.seventy two [Volt]

Rated present

.80 [A/ph]

Period resistance

three.forty [Ohm] ± 10 [%]

Stage inductance

5.70 [mH] ± 20 [%]

Rotor inertia

26.6 [g.cm²]

Wires variety

4 wires for bipolar link

Wires output

With connector

Ambient temperature

-twenty [°C] ~ +forty [°C]

Temperature increase

80 [K]


15 [%] ~ 90 [%]

Insulation resistance

a hundred [Mohm] min.

Dielectric toughness

500 [VAC 1 Moment]

Insulation course

Classe B, 130°C

Course defense


Max. shaft radial load

21 [N]

Max. shaft axial load

10 [N]

Depth [mm]


One shaft

Proportions H x L x W

forty two. [mm] x 42. [mm] x 29.7 [mm]


.18 [Kg.]

Mechanical Drawing (in mm)


Nema Model Length Step Angle Current/Period Resistance/Phase Inductance/Section Holding Torque # of Sales opportunities Rotor Inertia
(L)mm ( °) A Ω mH N.M. No. g.cm2
Nema8 EW08-210H 37.eight 1.80  1.00  4.30  one.70  .04min four.00  2.90 
Nema11 EW11-a hundred and ten 30.1 one.80  1.00  4.50  3.80  .08min 4.00  five.00 
EW11-110H thirty.1 one.80  1.00  4.50  4.00  .07min 4.00  9.00 
EW11-310 50.4 1.80  one.00  two.50  2.20  .14min four.00  20.00 
EW11-310D 50.4 1.80  one.00  2.50  2.20  .14min 4.00  twenty.00 
Nema14 EW14-a hundred and ten 25.5 one.80  1.00  three.30  3.80  .17min four.00  25.00 
EW14-210 forty.five 1.80  1.00  four.00  six.10  .2min four.00  twenty five.00 
Nema17 EW17-220 1.80  two.00  .70  one.40  .3min four.00  forty.00 
EW17-320 39.2 1.80  2.00  1.00  1.80  .45min 4.00  sixty.00 
EW17-320D 39.2 one.80  2.00  1.00  1.80  .45min 4.00  sixty.00 
EW17-420 forty seven.two 1.80  two.00  1.00  two.00  .56min 4.00  eighty.00 
EW17-420D 47.2 one.80  two.00  one.00  2.00  .56min four.00  80.00 
EW17-420M one.80  2.00  one.35  3.20  .48min 4.00  77.00 
EW17-520 sixty one.80  2.00  one.35  two.90  .70min four.00  115.00 
EW17-520M 1.80  2.00  one.77  four.00  .72min 4.00  110.00 
Nema23 EW23-one hundred forty 41.nine 1.80  four.00  .37  1.00  .70min 4.00  one hundred seventy.00 
EW23-240 52.nine 1.80  four.00  .45  one.70  one.25min 4.00  290.00 
EW23-240D fifty two.nine one.80  four.00  .45  1.70  one.25min 4.00  290.00 
EW23-240M ninety five.five 1.80  4.00  .44  one.40  1.20min four.00  480.00 
EW23-340 seventy six.4 1.80  four.00  .50  one.80  two.00min four.00  520.00 
EW23-340D seventy six.four one.80  4.00  .50  one.80  2.00min four.00  520.00 
EW23-350M 116.five one.80  5.00  .40  one.80  2.00min four.00  480.00 
Nema24 EW24-240 54.5 1.80  4.00  .45  one.20  1.40min 4.00  450.00 
EW24-440 85.5 one.80  four.00  .80  three.00  three.00min 4.00  900.00 
EW24-450M one hundred twenty five.six 1.80  five.00  .42  one.80  3.00min four.00  900.00 
Nema34 EW34-260 seventy nine.five 1.80  six.00  .38  two.80  four.5min four.00  1900.00 
EW34-360 ninety nine one.80  six.00  .47  3.90  six.00min 4.00  2700.00 
EW34-460M a hundred and fifty five.3 one.80  6.00  .54  5.00  eight.20min four.00  3800.00 
EW34-560 129 1.80  six.00  .64  6.00  nine.00min four.00  4000.00 
EW34-660 159.five one.80  6.00  .72  seven.30  12min. four.00  5000.00 
EH34-530 129 one.80  three.60  one.06  10.00  seven.1min 4.00  4000.00 

Company Profile

     Taking advantage of the proactive local climate of the 70s, in 1977 the engineer Felice Caldi, who had usually been a passionate builder and inventor, founded an revolutionary firm, operating internationally in the subject of application for industrial machinery.
Because then, this modest organization based in Lodi has loved ongoing successes connected to revolutionary items and reducing edge “very best in class” techCZPT in the field of industrial automation, as confirmed by the numerous patents submitted in the course of the a long time as well as the crucial awards given to it by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and of the Lombardy Area.
    The firm, thanks to its successes in excess of time, has developed noticeably, growing its product sales network overseas and opening yet another business in China to control the product sales circulation in the Asian industry. 
    Ever attentive to the dynamics and needs of the automation market place, consistently evolving and continually looking for technological innovation, Ever Elettronica has been able to react to all the technological issues that have arisen over the years, delivering answers able to make its customer’s machines a lot more and a lot more carrying out and very aggressive.
    And it is exactly to underline the significance and the uniqueness of each single customer that we layout, with care and devotion, extremely customised automation remedies, that are in a position to flawlessly satisfy any request, the two relating to application and components.
    Our crew of mechatronic engineers can certainly custoCZPT the software program with specially designed firmware, and it can also adapt the motor by customising, for case in point, the length of the cables or the diameter of the crankshaft and the IP defense diploma, all strictly dependent on the customer’s technological specifications.

Polyphase motors can be both two-phase or 3-section motors. They work like solitary-section induction motors, but each single-period and polyphase motors work on a rotating magnetic subject. Their rotating magnetic fields are generated by two- or 3-stage currents passing by way of two or a lot more sets of coils. The rotating magnetic subject makes torque. Polyphase motors are utilised in apps that need high electrical power, such as the power generate of compressors, hydraulic pumps, air conditioning compressors, and irrigation pumps.

China Standard High Torque Hybrid 2 Section Stepper Motor Electric Motor DC Motor NEMA 1.7