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2571 Scorching Sale 4am Air Pneumatic Motor With Equipment Reducer

Vane air motor description:
With compressed air as actuating medium, vane air motor makes use of the expansion of compressed gases convert the stress strength into mechanical power. Air motor has easy framework, modest measurement, gentle w8, substantial horsepower, and easy to be operated and managed. It also has the attribute of proof water, fire, dampness and explosion. It can perform in humid, high temperatures, large dust and other proof operating setting. Apart from mine, rock drilling and loading, it was also extensively utilised for ships, metallurgical, chemical, petrochemical, unstable atmosphere, paper and other industries.
Vane air motor attributes:
1.      Wonderful for harsh environments: It does not construct up warmth or sparks make air motors perfect for use in flammable or explosive apps.
2.      Intrinsically secure in hazardous atmosphere, can operate in humid, substantial temperatures, substantial dust and other proof doing work atmosphere, for illustration:  Mines , petrochemical ,unstable environment, flammable or explosive purposes.
three.      These air motors can be coupled with gearboxes to enhance torque and reduce pace.
4.      Easy construction, tiny size, mild w8, large horsepower, and simple to be operated and preserved.
five.      Air motors can simply function beneath circumstances which are unfavorable electric, hydraulic, stepper and servo motors.
Mixing gear, Conveyor drives, Pump drives, Food packaging, CZPT packaging, Winches and hoist, Hose reels, Fiberglass choppers, Rigidity gadgets, Turntables, Oil and gas sector for air winches and Mining tools……
Vane air motor specialized info:


Model Maximum Velocity Maximum Torque
Power Torque Rotate Speed Air usage Rotate Pace Torque
hp kw Nm rpm m3/h cfm rpm Nm
1AM .45 .33 .31 2.seventy five ten thousand 20.5 650 .sixty five five.6
1UP .45 .33 .58 five.twenty five 6000 forty seven 27 500 .sixty eight 6.
2AM .ninety three .68 two.20 19.50 3000 forty nine.five 30 350 3.05 26.1
4AM 1.70 1.30 four.10 36.00 3000 132.five 78 three hundred 6.three fifty six
6AM four.00 3.00 10.00 84.00 3000 228 128 300 13 one hundred fifteen
8AM 5.25 three.90 fourteen.40 132.00 2500 293 a hundred seventy five three hundred 21 185
16AM nine.50 seven.00 34.00 290.00 2000 475 275 300 forty three 372

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China manufacturer 2021 Hot Sale 4am Air Pneumatic Motor with Gear Reducer     Best Sales