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Product Description

Substantial precision Best Price geared motor

Product Description

Newgear Series Precision Planetary reducer gearbox for  Industrial Robotic and Automatic equipment 

This helical planetary gearbox is used for servo motor and related device which require to decrease velocity or enlarge torque! CZPT helical planetary gearboxes exterior diameter from 42 to 220, gear ratio from 3 to one hundred! It has large precision and are extensively employed with servo motor this sort of like Panasonnic,Fuji, Mitsubishi, Omran,Delta, Teco.
(1).The output shaft is produced of large size,huge span double bearing design,output shaft and planetary arm bracket as a complete.The enter shaft is placed straight on the world arm bracket to ensure that the reducer has higher running accuracy and optimum torsional rigidity.

(2).Shell and the inner ring gear utilized integrated design and style,quenching and tempering soon after the processing of the tooth so that it can achieve higher torque,high precision,substantial put on resistance.Moreover area nickel-plated anti-rust therapy,so that its corrosion resistance tremendously increased.

(3).The planetary gear transmission employs total needle roller CZPT retainer to increase the get in touch with area,which significantly updates structural rigidity and provider daily life.

(4).The equipment is created of Japanese imported substance.Right after the steel cutting method,the vacuum carburizing heat treatment method to 58-62HRC. And then by the hobbing,Get the best tooth condition,tooth route,to ensure that the equipment of high precision and good influence toughness.

(5).Input shaft and solar equipment integrated framework,in purchase to increase the procedure precision of the reducer.

(1) Low Noise:The use of helical equipment style,to attain a easy,fairly operation of the reducer.
(2) Higher Precision:Backlash is 3 arcmin or much less,accurate positioning.
(3) Higher Rigidity,Substantial Torque:The output shaft utilized large dimensions,huge span double assist bearing layout,which enhances the rigidity and torque of the reducer.
(4) Higher Effectiveness:1-phase up to 95% or a lot more,2-stage up to ninety two% or more.
(5) Main10ance-Free:Reduced grease use,can be life time lubrication.
(6) Sealing Impact is Very good:Lubricating grease with higher viscosity,not easy to independent the attributes,ip65 safety class to guarantee that no grease leakage.
(7) Installation Unrestrained:Can be set up arbitrarily.
(8) Wide Applicability:Relevant to any variety of servo motor.
(9) An organic and natural [integral] entire output axis.

Quality inspection procedure:

We have twenty QC/QA workers.10 stringent QC procedures including incoming components QC, IPQC  10 Ageing test QC100% products will go by means of a 24-hours ageing check QC)ahead of delivery.

Business Profile

Newgear(China) acquire German precision planetary equipment style and producing engineering,Manufacturing of high rigidity, little backlash, minimal sounds, secure transmission, reputable and tough planetary reducer,extensively utilised in different fields.
Newgear(China) has a full planetary gear reducer production chain .

Packaging & Shipping and delivery

Or we can make the CZPT deal as customer’s ask for.

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China Free Design Custom High Precision Best Price Geared Motor     Custom