Nc Machine Tool NEMA 17 DC Knurling Stepping Stepper Motor

Nc Machine Tool NEMA 17 DC Knurling Stepping Stepper Motor

NEMA 17 2/three Section Stepper Step Motor for cnc device
49mm .48N.m stepper motor

Product name: NEMA 17 connector type hybrid stepping motor
Design Present Holding torque Length
17S231-01S/D .6 .16
17S231-02S/D 1.two .16
17S235-01S/D .6 .25
17S235-02S/D 1.two .twenty five
17S241-01S/D .six .4 forty.1
17S241-02S/D 1.two .four forty.1
17S249-01S/D .six .48 forty
17S249-02S/D 1.two .48 forty eight.1
17S249-03S/D one.8 .48 forty eight.1
17S261-01S/D .six .72 60.1
17S261-02S/D 1.2 .72
17S261-03S/D 1.eight .72


Product name: NEMA 17 standard type hybrid stepping motor
Design Present Holding torque Size
17H231-01S/D .six .sixteen
17H231-02S/D 1.two .sixteen
17H235-01S/D .six .twenty five
17H235-02S/D 1.two .twenty five
17H241-01S/D .6 .4
17H241-02S/D 1.two .four forty.1
17H249-01S/D .six .48
17H249-02S/D 1.two .forty eight forty
17H249-03S/D 1.8 .forty eight forty
17H261-01S/D .6 .72
17H261-02S/D 1.two .seventy two
17H261-03S/D one.eight .seventy two


a). For industrial automation equipment: 3D printer, CNC machine, Spark cutting, Engraving machine, Textile machinery, Computer embroidery machine, Packaging machine, Medical equipment robot, manipulator etc.

b). For office automation equipment, computer peripherals: Typewriter, Copying machine, Graph plotter, Stage lighting, ATM machine, Bankbook printer etc.

c). In the field of aerospace and military high-tech: Aircraft, Tank, Satellite etc.

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Payment: TT, L/C, DP, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n, Alipay
Shipping and delivery time: two~three months
Export port: ZheJiang China
Origin: HangCZPT, China
HS Code: 850115710

Package & Storage
Within: High-density foam box
outside: hardboard carton box
Packing Qty: 15pcs/Carton
Export bulk packing: Carton + Pallet

Nc Machine Tool NEMA 17 DC Knurling Stepping Stepper Motor