China wholesaler M4 Series Servo Motor,Synchronous motor ,AC motor, 1.3kw, 130mm Great quality

Merchandise Description

M4 Collection Servo Motor,Synchronous motor ,AC motor, 1.3kw, 130mm

Merchandise introduction:

Encoder Configuration: Complete Encoder, Incremental Encoder, Rotary Encoder, And many others. Style Answer: New Engineering, Compact Structure, Brief Human body, Modest Measurement Application Regions: Jointed Robots, Finding Robots, Higher-End Digital Gear And Milling And Engraving CNC Fields.


Quality management System:


     1.Procurement Control Procedures

Pick qualified suppliers to guarantee that substance top quality can satisfy utilization request.

     2.Creation Procedure Movement

Every single workers is needed to go the qualification test for the task position and perform in strict accordance with the process documents.

    3.Quality Handle Techniques

A extensive selection of evaluate are used to handle top quality and they are:manufacturing unit audit,signing top quality agreement with suppliers,incoming resources inspection,initial solution affirmation,inspection in the course of production,last inspection,generation method investigation and advancement,corrective and preventive actions.


Digital equipment

Packaging equipment

Printing tools

CNC machinery

Textile machinery

Industrial robot

Lithium battery equipment

Glass carving equipment

Phase equipment

Metallic grinding machinery

Company Environment:



Polyphase motors can be possibly two-phase or three-phase motors. They operate like solitary-section induction motors, but both one-period and polyphase motors operate on a rotating magnetic discipline. Their rotating magnetic fields are created by two- or a few-phase currents passing by means of two or much more sets of coils. The rotating magnetic field generates torque. Polyphase motors are used in applications that demand large power, this sort of as the power generate of compressors, hydraulic pumps, air conditioning compressors, and irrigation pumps.

China wholesaler M4 Series Servo Motor,Synchronous motor ,AC motor, 1.3kw, 130mm     Great top quality