China wholesaler 0.9 Degree NEMA23 2 Phase Small Stepper Stepping Motor Free Design Custom

Product Description

Stage angel:1.8°/.9°
Keeping torque:.8-3.2N.m/.5-1.5N.m
Motor measurement: NEMA23 57mm
Possibilities:Brake,Encoder,Plantary gear box 

CE and RoHS accredited

Use for robots stepper motor, electrical automatic equipment stepping motor, medical instrument stepping motor, ad instrument stepper motor, lighting& audio tools stepper motor, printer stepper motor, textile equipment stepper motor,CNC router stepper motor,3D Printer stepper motor.

nema23, 1.8 diploma, 2 phase
Design Amount Holding torque  Rated Cut10t Wiring Resisitance Winding Inductance Rotor Inertia Mass Motor Size Connection Mode
Single/Twin Shaft N.m min A/Stage Ω/Phase @20ºC Mh/Stage g.cm² kg mm  
JT252BP10_ 0.six one four.2 8.9 140 0.forty six 42.five Connector
JT252BP20_ 2 one.2 two.1
JT252BP30_ three .51 1
JT253BP10_ 0.eight one four.7 10.8 180 0.52 45.5 Connector
JT253BP20_ 2 one.25
JT253BP30_ three .57 1.2
JT254BP10_ 1 1 5.five sixteen 240 0.64 51.5 Connector
JT254BP20_ two one.five four.three
JT254BP30_ three .7 one.seventy five
JT255BP20_ 1.two 2 1.6 five.2 280 0.72 55.5 Connector
JT255BP30_ three .7 two.four
JT255BL40_ 4 .forty five 1.4 Lead-wire
JT256BP20_ 1.7 two 2 six 350 0.85 64.5 Connector
JT256BP30_ 3 .9 two.7
JT256BL40_ 4 .five one.six Lead-wire
JT257BP30_ 2 three 4.two 480 1.1 76.five Connector
JT257BL40_ four .sixty five 2.35 Lead-wire
JT257BL50_ 5 .37 one.8
JT258BP30_ 2.two 3 one.2 four.5 520 1.two 80.five Connector
JT258BL40_ 4 .65 25 Lead-wire
JT258BL50_ 5 .36 one.seventy six
JT2510BL40_ 3 four .88 3.two 720 1.five 101 Lead-wire
JT2510BL50_ 5 .5 two.three
JT252UP30_ .five three .six .5 a hundred and forty .46 forty two.five Connector
JT255UP30_ .9 3 1.fifty five .nine 280 .seventy two fifty five.5
JT257UP30_ one.5 three two.four 1.four 480 1.1 76.five

nema23, .9 diploma, 2 phase
Model Quantity Keeping torque  Rated Cut10t Wiring Resisitance Winding Inductance Rotor Inertia Mass Motor Duration Relationship Method
Single/Twin Shaft N.m min A/Stage Ω/Period @20ºC Mh/Section g.cm² kg mm  
JT452BP30_ .five 3 .55 2.3 140 .46 forty two.five Connector
JT455BP30_ .nine three .seventy five 3.7 280 72 55.5
JT457BP30_ one.5 3 one.1 six 480 seventy six.5

nema23, 1.8 diploma, Brake
Product Amount Holding torque  Rated Cut10t Wiring Resisitance Winding Inductance Rotor Inertia Brake static friction torque Volt/Watt Motor W8
Single/Dual Shaft N.m min A/Section Ω/Period @20ºC Mh/Phase g.cm² N.m v/w kg
JT255B40M one.2 4 .forty five one.4 280 2 24VDC/5W one.twenty five
JT257B50M two five .37 1.eight 480 one.six
* M in the product is brake motor

nema23, 1.8 diploma, IP65, 2 phase
Design Amount Holding torque  Rated Cut10t Wiring Resisitance Winding Inductance Rotor Inertia Protection degree Motor W8
Solitary/Twin Shaft N.m min A/Phase Ω/Phase @20ºC Mh/Section g.cm² IPXX kg
JT255B40A 1.2 four .45 one.4 280 IP65 one.five
JT257B50A 2 five .37 one.eight 480 two.four
* Size customizable



Synchronous motors run at a pace that is synchronous with the frequency of the mains current. This implies that in the continual-point out of the motor, the rotation of the shaft is synchronized with the frequency of the supply present. The period of time of rotation of the shaft is equivalent to the quantity of AC cycles. The stator of a synchronous motor has polyphase AC electromagnets. These electromagnets make a magnetic area that rotates in synchrony with the existing in the wire. The rotor outfitted with long term magnets or electromagnets rotates synchronously with the stator magnetic field to type the next synchronous rotating magnetic discipline of the AC motor.
Two sorts of AC motors consist of: Synchronous: The truth that a synchronous motor rotates at the same rate as the frequency of the mains existing presents the motor its title. A synchronous motor is composed of a stator and a rotor. Synchronous motors have a broad assortment of programs. Induction: Induction motors are the most straightforward and strongest motors offered. These AC motors consist of two electrical parts: a wound stator and rotor assembly. The present necessary to change the rotor is created by the electromagnetic induction developed by the stator windings. Induction motors are one particular of the most generally utilised sorts of motors in the entire world.

China wholesaler 0.9 Degree NEMA23 2 Section Tiny Stepper Stepping Motor     Free of charge Design Custom made