China supplier 0.30 Ml/Rev DC 24V Motor Tungsten Steel with Titanium Nitride Coating Micro Magnetic Drive Gear Pump M0.30t57bl120W supplier

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The brushless DC motor is used as the electrical power driving equipment pump. The brushless motor driver is configured to comprehend the motor perform management. It has the features of pace measurement, velocity adjustment, forward and reverse rotation. It can be linked with the higher pc to comprehend intelligent management. It is specially ideal for the workplace with frequent commence and cease, such as liquid filling. Action motor or servo motor can be picked as driving electrical power. 

The equipment of the gear pump is manufactured of tungsten steel, and the surface area of the pump body is hardened by tin coating, so that the pump can offer outstanding pumping overall performance and lengthier services daily life in the software of abrasive liquid (such as pigment paint and pigment ink).



one.400 Mesh filter shall be set up at the inlet of gear pump.  

2.Just before using, squeeze in a small sum of medium to lubricate the gear from the gear pump inlet.

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Check Medium: Drinking water

1.Sleek transmission, no pulse, correct measurement
two.Use magnetic push composition, static seal, actually accomplish zero leakage
three.Diversified travel, extensive application in the industry, full designs
four.High efficiency and strength preserving, straightforward maintenance, low installation price and prolonged services existence.

It cannot be utilized to transportation fluids with tough particles
CZPT to be installed at inlet.

OEM service are avaiable in accordance to your request.
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Industrial equipment and products Water treatment Food and cosmetics
Inkjet printing/painting Mask creating Meals and Beverage filling
Oil transportation Booster stress Filling of perfume cosmetics
Sand mill/Grinding Circulating cooling  Quantitative Transport


An AC motor is a variety of motor that makes use of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. AC energy drives the motor. It is a existing that periodically reverses course and modifications its magnitude of the current more than time. This present is the reverse of a immediate existing or “DC” which flows in only a single course. AC motors can give a reasonably efficient way to create mechanical vitality from a straightforward electrical input sign.

China supplier 0.30 Ml/Rev DC 24V Motor Tungsten Steel with Titanium Nitride Coating Micro Magnetic Drive Gear Pump M0.30t57bl120W     supplier