China Standard Direct Drive Motor Pmsm for Hvls Fan Professional

Merchandise Description

Everlasting CZPT Immediate Travel Motor , Coloration exhibit servo generate for 24ft Industrial large HVLS ceiling fan  
Compared to traditional deceleration supporter,Long term CZPT of immediate drive enthusiast have the pursuing positive aspects:  
one)Far more strength conserving effect2)Working sounds is substantially decreased
three) Provider existence and trustworthiness are considerably improved.
four)reduction gear box is eliminated ,pollution owing to CZPT leakage does not arise
5)Main10ance-free of charge for the complete daily life
6)A regular manufacturing facility creating of 10,000 square meters only demands to install 5-10 large-scale 7.3 meter followers, which is far more than 70% vitality-successful than traditional dispersed small enthusiasts.

Permanent CZPT immediate travel enthusiast positive aspects:
one)Far more strength saving influence 2)Running sound is considerably decreased
3) Provider existence and dependability are substantially enhanced.
4)reduction gear box is eradicated ,pollution thanks to CZPT leakage does not happen
5)Main10ance-totally free for the total daily life
6)A normal factory building of ten,000 square meters only requirements to put in 5-ten massive-scale 7.3 meter followers, which is far more than
70% strength-efficient than traditional distributed small supporters.


Product Technical specs


Specification of 24ft hvls fan



Supporter size (D)

24ft/ 7.3m


No of blades



Supporter blade width(W)



Blade substance

Aluminium alloy  


Overall performance Index



Max pace


Velocity selection twenty-65rpm

Highest wind stress
(static pressure)


Related to set up atmosphere and velocity

Air volume


The quantity of air at a reference  

Making use of place 1

>2000m2 Blade plane h8≥11m 65rpm

Convenience index characteristic

Implementing room 2

>1500m2 Blade aircraft h8≥8m 62rpm

Ease and comfort index characteristic

Applying room 3

>1300m2 Blade plane h8≥6m 55rpm

Convenience index characteristic

Relevant room h8(H)

eight-18 m

Effective flooring h8 inside of the constructing

Highest pace noise


Relevant to the enthusiast installation environment

50 % pace noise


Associated to the admirer installation surroundings

Admirer W8



Admirer Total W8



Motor w8



Sling w8


Associated to the length of the mounting increase

Blade w8



Max torque



Max lift drive



Electrical parameter



Motor rated power



Ambient Temp



Rated Voltage/Rated Current1

3Phase 380-440Vac/2.8A


Rated Voltage/Rated Recent 2

3Phase 220-240Vac/4.9A


Installation condition



Mounted manner

Concrete roof beams or steel frames

Two kinds of set splint

growth length


The length of the boom relies upon on the strength design

Set up interval(S)


Two sets of supporter set up interval

set up space h1


The distance of supporter-blade plane from the roof

set up spaceh2


The h8 of the flat blade aircraft from the ground

Horizontal secure length


Reduction in distance might increase in sound

Vertical security distance


The vertical distance between the maximum position of the obstacle and the blade



With regards to the sounds check: under the problem that the rotation aircraft of the fan blade is> 8 meters from the floor and the
rotation plane of the fan blade is> 2.5 meters from the roof, the vertical length of the vertical line of the enthusiast is 7 meters,
and the sampling is carried out at a plurality of circumferentially distributed positions at a h8 of 1.7 meters on the floor ,Attained reference noise info (the geometry of the roof and regardless of whether there are pillars all around it will affect the sounds take a look at)

About the comfort index attributes:

one. The enthusiast creates wind speeds among .6m/s-2m/s
2. The ambient temperature is amongst twenty and 33ºC
3. The relative humidity of the surroundings is amongst fifty% and eighty five%

Our benefits

We R&D producer equally Long term CZPT Direct Drive Motor and servo drive for industrial large supporter ourselves, which have far more dependable top quality and very best costs!

Immediate Drive Motor Benefits:

Extremely-low power, Severe energy preserving!

Extremely-silent AC variable frequency motor , Extremely large motor efficiency (above 90%), Pa10ted roll welding design for CZPT locking, No sensor device design, Higher purity copper automated wire winding technologies

XingTai 7.3M Big Industrial ceiling admirer is a benchmark for the performance of immediate-drive supporters. The supporter has an efficiency of 84% in the pace range, particularly under 70% of the highest speed load the motor effectiveness can be achieved 90%



Our fan with Everlasting CZPT Direct generate motor                              

1) Everlasting CZPT synchronous substantial-temperature
resistant out rotor motor, tremendous power effective.
two) Tiny size and gentle w8,Only 32.5kgs.
three) Reduced sound. 38db
four) Simple composition.
five)  Frequency modulation width (-50HZ)
six) Immediate drive motor main10ance totally free
7) No operating hazard.

8) Its generate manage the motor temperature rise not more than

PMSM Immediate Generate Motor and Handle Generate Generation

Other supporter with equipment box.


                                                     Industrial Ceiling Admirer Accessoires and Elements

2y1) The use of asynchronous normal motor+equipment box
consumes a good deal of power.
two) Big and hefty.
three) Loud noise 60db.
4) Complicated composition.
five) FM slim (twenty five-50HZ)
six) Need repeated daily main10ance (change seals, add gearbox oil.)
seven)There are hidden potential risks such as gearbox leakage.

8) Each and every 2years have to do a main10ance.

Productive Undertaking

Company Exhibition


Q: What brand of motor and generate do you use for the industrial ceiling admirer?

A: We R&D maker the two Long term CZPT Direct Travel Motor and servo generate for industrial large supporter ourselves, which have a lot more reliable top quality and greatest charges .

Q: What is your mainly supply port?

A: Our manufacturing facility is loacted in HangZhou town,HangZhou Port is our main choice of shipping sea port.
Q: Is there a minimum amount request?

A: 1set

Q: When can I apart from to acquire my order?

A: Generally we have in stock, we will shipping and delivery out from manufacturing facility within 3-10days following buy confirmation.

Q: What is your Warranty ?

A: Normally we offer 3month warranty ,Any problems we are on the powering of you.
Q: Is there any probability to be your partner in our country?

A: Yes,We are looking for agent in differrent countries and regions ,Please speak to 1 of our income supervisor for more enterprise cooperation.

An AC motor is a typical kind of electrical motor that is pushed by alternating present. As the most successful sensible motors for daily industrial programs (as effectively as hobbyist assignments, family items, and all other professional tools and client goods), AC motors offer a fairly productive technique of generating mechanical energy from a easy electrical enter sign.
Solitary-section motors have a stator. They do not have the rotating magnetic area qualities of polyphase or polyphase motors. The magnetic area developed by the stator windings is pulsating, not rotating. When the rotor is stationary, the expansion and contraction of the stator’s magnetic subject create an electrical current in the rotor. The current generates the rotor magnetic area with the opposite polarity to the stator magnetic subject. The opposite polarity applies rotational power to the upper and reduce components of the rotor. Considering that this force passes via the center of the rotor, it continues to be equal in each route, maintaining the rotor stationary. If the rotor starts to switch, it continues to change in the direction it commenced, because the rotor’s momentum creates a rotational power in that course. Single-phase motors are used in low-electricity purposes such as ceiling fans, mixer grinders, and home appliances such as portable electrical power equipment.

China Standard Direct Drive Motor Pmsm for Hvls Fan     Professional