China OEM Hot Sale High Quality Electric NEMA 34 Easy Servo Stepper Motor with Planetary Gearbox Hot selling

Product Description

Merchandise Description

Stepper Motor Description

This water-resistant bipolar Nema 3.4″ 86 mm sq. stepper motor is configured with step angle 1.8° with a size of 86 mm x 86 mm x 152.5 mm. It has 4 wires for bipolar connection with an IP65 connector and each period draws existing twelve.00 A at 3.00 V, with bipolar holding torque 1180.00 [Ncm] min.

The IP65 rated Ever Elettronica hybrid stepper motors are made to offer dust proof procedure and stand up to minimal stress jets of h2o. The IP65 rated stepper motors are excellent for washing machines, medical and laboratory equipments and in the packaging apps given that they are appropriate for washdown processes. The large effectiveness waterproof hybrid 2 section stepper motor is also perfect to management CZPT pumps of diverse dimensions.


Solution Parameters

Motor Technical Specification



Phase angle

one.8 [°] ± 5 [%]

  Keeping torque   8.2 N.m MIN

Stage resistance

.fifty four [Ohm] ± 10 [%]

Stage inductance

five.0 [mH] ± twenty [%]

Rotor inertia

3800 [g.cm²]

Ambient temperature

-20 [°C] ~ +50 [°C]

Temperature rise

80 [K]

Dielectric toughness

five hundred [VAC 1 Moment]

Class security


Max. shaft radial load

220 [N]

Max. shaft axial load

60 [N]

Excess weight

4000 [g.]

Mechanical Drawing (in mm)


Nema Model Length Step Angle Current/Period Resistance/Phase Inductance/Period Holding Torque # of Sales opportunities Rotor Inertia
(L)mm ( °) A Ω mH N.M. No. g.cm2
Nema8 EW08-210H 37.8 one.80  1.00  4.30  one.70  .04min 4.00  2.90 
Nema11 EW11-a hundred and ten one.80  1.00  4.50  three.80  .08min 4.00  5.00 
EW11-110H 1.80  1.00  four.50  four.00  .07min four.00  nine.00 
EW11-310 50.4 one.80  one.00  2.50  two.20  .14min 4.00  twenty.00 
EW11-310D fifty.four one.80  1.00  2.50  2.20  .14min four.00  20.00 
Nema14 EW14-a hundred and ten twenty five.five one.80  one.00  3.30  three.80  .17min four.00  25.00 
EW14-210 forty.5 one.80  1.00  4.00  six.10  .2min 4.00  25.00 
Nema17 EW17-220 one.80  two.00  .70  1.40  .3min four.00  40.00 
EW17-320 39.two one.80  2.00  1.00  one.80  .45min four.00  sixty.00 
EW17-320D 39.2 1.80  2.00  1.00  1.80  .45min 4.00  60.00 
EW17-420 forty seven.2 1.80  2.00  1.00  2.00  .56min 4.00  80.00 
EW17-420D forty seven.2 one.80  2.00  1.00  2.00  .56min 4.00  eighty.00 
EW17-420M eighty.1 one.80  2.00  1.35  3.20  .48min 4.00  seventy seven.00 
EW17-520 sixty one.80  two.00  one.35  2.90  .70min four.00  one hundred fifteen.00 
EW17-520M 99.1 1.80  2.00  1.77  four.00  .72min 4.00  one hundred ten.00 
Nema23 EW23-a hundred and forty forty one.9 1.80  four.00  .37  one.00  .70min 4.00  a hundred and seventy.00 
EW23-240 52.nine 1.80  four.00  .45  1.70  1.25min 4.00  290.00 
EW23-240D fifty two.nine one.80  4.00  .45  1.70  one.25min 4.00  290.00 
EW23-240M 95.five 1.80  4.00  .44  1.40  1.20min four.00  480.00 
EW23-340 seventy six.4 one.80  four.00  .50  one.80  2.00min 4.00  520.00 
EW23-340D seventy six.four one.80  4.00  .50  1.80  two.00min four.00  520.00 
EW23-350M 116.five one.80  five.00  .40  one.80  2.00min 4.00  480.00 
Nema24 EW24-240 fifty four.five 1.80  4.00  .45  1.20  one.40min four.00  450.00 
EW24-440 eighty five.five one.80  four.00  .80  3.00  three.00min 4.00  900.00 
EW24-450M one hundred twenty five.six 1.80  five.00  .42  one.80  3.00min four.00  900.00 
Nema34 EW34-260 79.five one.80  six.00  .38  two.80  four.5min four.00  1900.00 
EW34-360 ninety nine 1.80  6.00  .47  3.90  6.00min 4.00  2700.00 
EW34-460M one hundred fifty five.three one.80  6.00  .54  5.00  8.20min four.00  3800.00 
EW34-560 129 1.80  six.00  .64  six.00  9.00min four.00  4000.00 
EW34-660 159.five one.80  6.00  .72  seven.30  12min. four.00  5000.00 
EH34-530 129 1.80  3.60  one.06  10.00  7.1min 4.00  4000.00 

Organization Profile

     Using benefit of the proactive local climate of the 70s, in 1977 the engineer Felice Caldi, who had usually been a passionate builder and inventor, founded an modern business, running internationally in the field of software program for industrial equipment.
Since then, this small firm based mostly in Lodi has enjoyed steady successes associated to modern products and chopping edge “ideal in course” techCZPT in the area of industrial automation, as confirmed by the a lot of patents filed during the years as nicely as the important awards provided to it by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and of the Lombardy Region.
    The firm, many thanks to its successes in excess of time, has grown considerably, growing its sales network abroad and opening yet another organization in China to handle the income stream in the Asian industry. 
    At any time attentive to the dynamics and requirements of the automation market, consistently evolving and continually looking for technological innovation, At any time Elettronica has been ready to reply to all the technological problems that have arisen in excess of the several years, delivering answers capable to make its customer’s devices a lot more and a lot more executing and highly aggressive.
    And it is exactly to underline the importance and the uniqueness of each one consumer that we design and style, with care and commitment, very customised automation remedies, that are able to perfectly satisfy any request, both concerning computer software and hardware.
    Our crew of mechatronic engineers can indeed custoCZPT the application with specially designed firmware, and it can also adapt the motor by customising, for illustration, the duration of the cables or the diameter of the crankshaft and the IP safety diploma, all strictly primarily based on the customer’s specialized specifications.

The rotor of a reluctance motor is composed of a reliable forged metal part with a convex toothed rack. Their starting up procedure is similar to an induction motor, but it operates like a synchronous motor. Generally, their rotors have less poles than stators, which minimizes torque ripple and helps prevent best pole alignment, as no torque is created in that area. Reluctance motors assortment in electricity scores from a number of watts to about 22 kilowatts.

China OEM Hot Sale High Quality Electric NEMA 34 Easy Servo Stepper Motor with Planetary Gearbox     Hot selling