China high quality Automatic Voltage Regulator Servo Motor Control 5000va Hot selling

Item Description

Introduction of goods.

three-phase automated high-precision AC regulator uses intellectual logic regulation method to speedily and stably control variety of voltage based mostly on voltage amplitude and load attribute.It obtain the greatest regulation effect with logic pulse circuit management.It can make sure exact output in case of 3-phase imbalance at enter side,nonlinear energy supply or weighty load.
The system has self-detection ability and exhibits its status with LED lamps,All inexperienced lamps indicate the regulator typical and the pink lamps point out irregular.The output electricity can be showed with a voltmeter.The regulation boards,and supplies the very best good quality guarantee through TCT automated screening as well as getting older examination.
Based on the electricity desire of tools,the regulator can make proper configurations for specific or heavy-obligation gear,and is also suitable for any region with big voltage adjust. 


As a patent product of PO MING Energy,the regulator is designed and produced by technicians with top technological innovation.This 3-phase computerized AC regulator has up-to-date visual appeal,reliable layout,humanized regulation method and installation panel as nicely as resilient high quality.It is broadly utilized for exact machinery,textile equipment,healthcare gear,laser products,woodworking gear and aviation gear and and so forth.

Complex parameters

Model PM-310 PM-315 PM-320 PM-330 PM-345 PM-360 PM-375
Capacity 10kVA 15kVA 20kVA 30kVA 45kVA 60kVA 75kVA
Voltage three-Stage 4-wire 380V/220V series(identical with input and output voltage)
Input variety ±15% 50/60Hz
Voltage regulation price ±1%~±2%
Power element .95~1
Efficiency ≥98%
Response time <1S
Waveform distortion None
Direction Electricity offer With
Voltage With
Abnormality With
Overload potential one hundred fifty%  10s
Environment Temperature:-20ºC~45ºC,humidity -ninety five%(CZPT dew)
Size(L x W x H) 630x340x540 720x390x600 870x430x720
Weight(kg) 54 65 73 87 123 159 231

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HangZhou Xin Poming Electrical power Products Production Co., Ltd is set up in ZheJiang Province of China in 2007, which manufactures and sells voltage regulators, transformers, UPSs, frequency converter, DC power sources and other electricity goods and can offer systemic electrical power solutions for clients with it is complete item checklist For clientele around the planet .



An AC motor is a common type of electric motor that is driven by alternating present. As the most productive useful motors for each day industrial applications (as nicely as hobbyist assignments, household things, and all other skilled products and client merchandise), AC motors offer a comparatively successful method of producing mechanical strength from a simple electrical input sign.

China high quality Automatic Voltage Regulator Servo Motor Control 5000va     Hot selling