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Merchandise Description

Product Description

CZPT vickers collection 25M 26M 35M 45M 50M vane motor functioning

All of our motors are a hundred% equal and interchangeable with unique CZPT vickers, high quality and perforance exceptional.


Large velocity and substantial-force motors ranging from forty three.9 to 193.2 cm3/r with 172 bar of optimum strain and 9 torques rating options. The internal inlet chambers are equally and diametrically opposed ensuing in balanced in radial masses.As a result, the motors are hydraulically well balanced which lowered use and heat from friction. These motors supply ninety% effectiveness thanks to dual force plates, which produced reduced internal leakage. Motors are bi-rotational, basically reversed by reversing in circulation direction.


  • Totally interchangeable to CZPT vane motors series M.
  • A few simple body dimensions are obtainable.
  • These vane motors are suited for Industrial and Cell purposes.
  • Pressures up to 155 bar.
  • All the spare areas such as cartridges, shafts and seal kits are a hundred% interchangeable to Vickers.


Can be exchanged with the original types fully!

Model accessible:
25M, 26M, 35M, 45M, 50M

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Complex datas

Model   Torque           Displacement   Flowinput/required

Collection   Nm/6,9 bar         cmthree/r(inthree/r)     @1200r/min

            (lb in/ 100 psi)                          L/min(USgpm)


   Optimum speed & pressure




25M            4,7 (forty two)                  43,9 (2.sixty eight)                 fifty two,6 (thirteen.9)

                    6,2 (55)                  fifty seven,7 (3.52)                 69,3 (eighteen.3)

                    7,3 (sixty five)                  sixty eight,7 (4.19)                 eighty two,5 (21.8)

        3600 r/min @ 34 bar (500 psi)

        4000 r/min @ 34 bar (500 psi)


18 (forty)

35M            9, (eighty)                  eighty three,6 (5.ten)                 one hundred,3 (26.5)

                    10,7 (ninety five)                one hundred,3 (6.12)              a hundred and twenty,4 (31.8)

                    thirteen, (115)              121,9 (7.44)              146,1(38.6)



29 (64)

45M            fourteen,7 (a hundred thirty)             138, (8.42)               a hundred sixty five,4 (43.7)

                    seventeen,5 (one hundred fifty five)             163,2 (9.ninety six)               195,7 (fifty one.7)

                    20,9 (185)             193,2(11.seventy nine)              232, (sixty one.3)

 2600 r/min @ one hundred fifty five bar (2250 psi)

3000 r/min @ 172 bar (2500 psi)


39 (eighty five)

50M            24,9 (220)             231,2 (fourteen.eleven)             277,5 (73.3)

                    28,8 (255)             268,1 (sixteen.36)            321,8 (85.)

                    33,9 (three hundred)             317,1 (19.35)            380,4 (a hundred.5)

2800 r/min @ 34 bar (500 psi)

3200 r/min @ 34 bar (500 psi)

2200 r/min @ 155 bar (2250 psi)

2400 r/min @ 172 bar (2500 psi)


73 (one hundred sixty)

Purchase codes

25M30A1A20117 35M115A1C20141 F8-25M55A11C20 45M130A1C20141 25M35A1C20 25M42A1C20
25M30A1C20117 F8-35M95A11C20 F8-25M65A1C20 F8-45M130A11C20 25M65A11C20139 35M80A1C20141
25M42A11C20 F8-35M95A1C20 F8-25M65A11A20 50M300A11C20L143 F8-25M42A1C20 35M95A1C20141
25M55A11C20 45M130A1A20 F8-25M65A11C20 50M300A11C20R144 F8-25M42A11C20 45M155A1C20
25M65A1A20 45M130A1C20 35M95A11C20 50M300A11C20139 F8-25M55A1C20 50M220A11C20139
25M65A1C20 45M130A11A20 35M80A11C20 F8-50M300A11C20L143 45M185A1A20 50M255A1C20141
25M65A11C20 45M130A11C20 35M115A11C20 F8-50M300A11C20L143L 45M185A1C20 35M95A1C20
25M55A1A20 45M155A11C20 35M80A1A20 50M300A11C20114 45M130A1C20139 50M220A1C20141
25M55A1C20 45M185A11C20 35M80A1C20 50M255A11A20114 45M155A1C20141 50M300A1C20141
25M42A1A20 45M155A1A20 35M95A1A20 50M300A1A20114 45M185A1C20141 F8-50M300A1C20114
50M255A1C20114 35M115A1C20 50M220A1C20114 50M300A1C20114 35M115A1A20 F8-35M115A11C20
26M30A1A20117 36M115A1C20141 F8-26M55A11C20 46M130A1C20141 26M36A1C20 26M42A1C20
26M30A1C20117 F8-36M95A11C20 F8-26M65A1C20 F8-46M130A11C20 26M65A11C20139 36M80A1C20141
26M42A11C20 F8-36M95A1C20 F8-26M65A11A20 51M300A11C20L143 F8-26M42A1C20 36M95A1C20141
26M55A11C20 46M130A1A20 F8-26M65A11C20 51M300A11C20R144 F8-26M42A11C20 46M155A1C20
26M65A1A20 46M130A1C20 36M95A11C20 51M300A11C20139 F8-26M55A1C20 51M220A11C20139
26M65A1C20 46M130A11A20 36M80A11C20 F8-51M300A11C20L143 46M185A1A20 51M265A1C20141
26M65A11C20 46M130A11C20 36M115A11C20 F8-51M300A11C20L143L 46M185A1C20 36M95A1C20
26M55A1A20 46M155A11C20 36M80A1A20 51M300A11C20114 46M130A1C20139 51M220A1C20141
26M55A1C20 46M185A11C20 36M80A1C20 51M265A11A20114 46M155A1C20141 51M300A1C20141
26M42A1A20 46M155A1A20 36M95A1A20 51M300A1A20114 46M185A1C20141 F8-51M300A1C20114
51M265A1C20114 36M115A1C20 51M220A1C20114 51M300A1C20114 36M115A1A20 F8-36M115A11C20


Packaging & Shipping


Business Profile

HangZhou CZPT Hydraulic Co.,Ltd is a national higher-tech business with many invention patents.There are six planet top manufacturing and tests traces for vane pump.With an yearly output of much more than eighty,000 pcs of hydraulic pumps and ten,000 sets of energy-saving servo system.

Our organization is the presiding unit of vane pump market standard revision. And we received the 2016 China Hydraulics Pneumatics&Seals Industy progress award and the 2017 Xihu (West Lake) Dis. District Govt Top quality Award,and Nationwide lnovation Fund Venture Suppot. Our business has been functioning with CZPT hydraulic enterprises overseas forlong time, have T6, T7, V, VQ, V10, V20, SQP, PV2R series vane pumps and the core techCZPT of M3B, M4C, M4D, M4E, 25M, 35M, 45M, 50M vane motor, pushed out the new CZPT series VG0, VG1 and VG2 internal gear pumps. We Pioneered ABTseries servo vane pumps and 35Mpa extremely high pressure vane pump.Our products have passed the Norway DNV, American Abdominal muscles, French BV and Brtish LR and Chinese CCS and many others classification modern society certification, and batch used to the state navy industry.

Our business is the basic channel company associate of ZheJiang Delta, Austria KEBA item industry. Is the strategic associate of Period servomotor Yunshen servo motor, Haitian drive and SCZPT pump.

HangZhou CZPT adhering to the development route of introduction, innovation and transcendence, and the organization philosophy of higher good quality, higher performance,lower use, safety. Our organization has become a world-renowned hydraulic pump company and one-quit remedy professional of servo strength saving.

Firm Display



1. Top Good quality
Rely on 20 years knowledge at pumps layout and producing, we have a prime quality in comparison with domestic and overseas manufacturers, all of our merchandise are with 1 yr warranty time.

2. Strict Quality Manage Program
We have the most strict top quality management program, all of our goods are 100% examined prior to cargo and each of them has a single monitoring code in buy to make positive they are with great good quality to our buyers.

three. Advanced equipment equipment
All the machines we have are new CNC equipment we imported from Germany and Japan in order to get to much more increased need at the items precision.

4. Strong Specialized staff
Our specialized team all have far more than twenty several years experience at pumps style and engineering, our main engineer has much more than forty several years knowledge at pumps design and style. We have one 30 persons investigation staff, liable for pumps improvement analysis and new merchandise advancement.

five. Competitive Price
Due to the fact of excellent management, our value is far more aggressive than the unique merchandise, much more reasonable than most of the domestic suppliers.

six. Fast Delivery time
We can ship small orders inside of a single 7 days, for huge orders this kind of as in five hundred PCS pumps or cartridge kits usually we can make cargo within 1 month.

seven. Warranty Period
All of our products are in 1 year guarantee time after the cargo from our manufacturing facility.

eight. Considerate Support
We can supply specialized support at any time if our consumers meet up with any situation throughout the employing, we will offer answers at the soonest time.

nine. CZPT development technique
We would like to build a long time strategy cooperation partnership with our buyers, we would like to support and practice the potential customer to be our agent at each and every place and area all over the world.

Induction motors, also acknowledged as asynchronous motors, use the electromagnetic induction produced by the magnetic area of the stator to create current in the rotor, thus making torque. These motors do not run at a velocity in sync with the current, consequently the title. They use the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction to transform electrical vitality into mechanical power. Induction motor rotors are the most frequent type of AC motor found in pumps, compressors, and other equipment of all types.

China Good quality Eaton Vickers Series 25m 26m 35m 45m 50m Vane Motor Working     wholesaler