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Characteristics: Motor frame (mm): 60, eighty, one hundred ten, a hundred thirty Rated speed (rpm): 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 Energy off brake: CZPT Insulation amount: F Set up: flange-mounted Environmental temperature: to fifty five degrees Rated torque (Nm): .33 to 17.8 Maximum speed (rpm): 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 Rated power (Kw): .1 to 3.1 Variety of pole pairs: 5 Protection degree: sealed, self-cooling IP65 Procedure voltage of matched amplifier (VAC): 220 Environmental humidity: decrease than ninety% (condensation totally free)

Naming convention of sequence LDD electricity servo motor

one hundred ten






L       M1

D        D

Z        /C








(7)     (8)

(9)     (ten)

(eleven)     (twelve)

(1) Motor body No. (2) AC long term CZPT synchronization servo motor (3) Feedback comp1nt type (4) Rated torque: 3-digit quantity × .1Nm (5) Rated velocity: 2-digit variety × 100rpm (6) Highest pace: 2-digit amount × 100rpm (7) Operation voltage of matched amplifier: 220 (8) Encoder code (9) Medium inertia (10) The optimum speed characteristic (11) Power-off brake is mounted (12) Keyway code if there is no essential, there is no code

An AC motor is a variety of motor that makes use of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. AC energy drives the motor. It is a existing that periodically reverses course and adjustments its magnitude of the recent above time. This existing is the opposite of a immediate existing or “DC” which flows in only one particular path. AC motors can provide a comparatively successful way to create mechanical vitality from a easy electrical input sign.
An AC motor is a frequent variety of electric motor that is pushed by alternating existing. As the most efficient functional motors for every day industrial apps (as properly as hobbyist projects, home items, and all other expert tools and client goods), AC motors offer a reasonably productive strategy of generating mechanical energy from a easy electrical enter sign.

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