China Best Sales 2phase NEMA23 2nm Hybrid Stepper Motor Driver, Closed Loop Stepper Motor, DC Motor, Cheaper Motor for Knitting Machine Professional

Item Description

2Phase Nema23 Shut Loop Stepper Motor and driver for textile sector
Item Description


Product No Inductance
Rated torque Rotor Inertia fat Duration
  mh A       Ω Nm g-cm2  kg  mm
57HS280-03 1.four three .six one 200 .eight seventy eight
57HS2100-04 1.six 4 .six 2 480 98
57HS2125-05 two. 5 .6 3 800 one.6 125

SH-CL57BH Motor driver manual 
I.Merchandise introduction
SH – CL57BH is my organization based mostly on several years of experience in research and growth of reduced strain servo program, a new kind of minimal-voltage hybrid servo products, this solution Utilizes the latest DSP digital processing chip and superior technologies, present and frequency conversion control algorithm for unit makers give a price-effective hybrid servo travel remedies.Sh-CL57BH is compact in structure, compact in quantity, space-conserving, and decreases electromagnetic interference between strains.Far better vibration techCZPT and low heat techCZPT are adopted to effectively remedy the troubles of warmth, vibration and sound of motor and driver, and lower heat, environmentally friendly and environmental safety.

  1. Functioning voltage: dc enter voltage 24VDC~80VDC, suggested working voltage 36V/48V
  2. Constant output current optimum 8.0a, highest peak present 13A (superior hybrid servo overload capacity)
  3. Differential and solitary-terminal pulse/course instructions are satisfactory, with three handle modes of position/speed/torque
  4. FOC magnetic area positioning handle techCZPT and space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) shut-loop manage techCZPT are adopted
  5. Sophisticated variable recent techCZPT and variable frequency techCZPT are adopted to decrease the heating of motor and driver successfully
  6. Pulse number for each cycle can be established by debugging software or code extraction (subdivision)
  7. With overvoltage, undervoltage, in excess of – present and in excess of – differential security features
  8. Solitary/double pulse manner, pulse effective edge optional (connected to upper laptop through serial port)
  9. Optimum pulse of handle instruction is 500KHz (manufacturing facility default is 200KHz)
  10. The input interface amount of pulse, path and enable sign is 4.5-28v suitable
  11. With serial port RS232 debugging function, but require to use the firm’s specific serial port debugging cable
  12. Efficiency: secure velocity, modest overshoot, little monitoring mistake, lower heating of motor and driver

Electrical indicators


1. How can we know the solution good quality?

A1: We advise you to order a sample. Also, you can send us electronic mail for detail photos for checking if you are not able to get adequate data in the item webpage.


2. How can we get your catalog?

A2: Remember to go to below web site url to obtain it .-http://sihengmotor


3. Can we have free of charge sample?

A3: Sorry buddy,you should pay out the sample cost,but we can utilize the price cut for you.

4. Is this your final value? Could i have the price cut?

A4: Our price tag is the factory price tag, and if your quantity is larger, we will allow the discount for you.


5.Is there low cost transport value to import to our region?A5: Yes, we have our regular shipping and delivery business, they have quite good value.


six. Can we visit your manufacturing facility?

A6: Yes welcome warmly. 


7.What is the Warranty for your goods?

A7: One yr warranty for all digital merchandise. If any high quality difficulties on our aspect occured in this period, we will get on the shipping cost and substitute.

AC motors vary from numerous other varieties of motors, especially some of the much more acquainted DC (immediate current) motors, by numerous essential conditions. The most basic of these is the truth that an AC motor depends fully on the alternating recent around its circuit to make effective mechanical energy. We’ll go over this distinctive process in more depth in the subsequent sections of this guide.

China Best Sales 2phase NEMA23 2nm Hybrid Stepper Motor Driver, Closed Loop Stepper Motor, DC Motor, Cheaper Motor for Knitting Machine     Professional